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  1. Hazelnut Butter Crisp Truffle Bar
    Sold Out
  2. Happy Birthday Truffle Bar
  3. Crunchy Peanut Butter Truffle Bar
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  4. Like You A Latte Truffle Bar
  5. Berry In Love Truffle Bar
  6. Thank You! Truffle Bar
  7. Pom Poms Confettigram
  8. Golden Ticket Scratch-off Card
  9. Jackpot Valentine's Card
  10. No Matter The Distance Card
  11. Never be Malone Card
  12. Nonsense Card
  13. So Very Sweet Card
  14. Baseball Catch Card
  15. Chocolate Snap Card
  16. Taco Stand Card
  17. Lovers in the Sea Card
  18. Vanilla Orange Cream Truffle Bar
  19. Mint Chip Truffle Bar
  20. Neapolitan Truffle Bar
  21. Campers' S'Mores Truffle Bar
  22. Sweethearts Confettigram
  23. Mac & Cheese Love Card