About Kit's

Hi friend,

I'm Erin, owner and founder of Kit's. Kit's is a store that embodies the joyfulness that our daughter, Kit, brought to our life before she died in utero. In 2018, we were thrilled to find out that we were pregnant with twins. Over halfway through the pregnancy, we were shattered when our doctor could not find Kit's heartbeat. I carried both Kit, and her brother, Konrad, to term. 
Her brother Konrad, and oldest brother Soren are the *absolute* joys of my life. Losing Kit has brought me immense heartbreak and sadness, but her life also allowed me to experience joy that only one can when grief so strong is forced upon you. 
This store is named after our baby girl, and here at Kit's we aim to seek + share joy every single day. We hope that when you shop with us, you can feel the time, thought, and care we put into all that we do.